Meet Morgan


I’m Morgan Abraham. I’ve spent my life working to make Southern Arizona a better place to live, work, and raise a family. As a small business owner, I’ve built and created thousands of affordable housing units. As an Intelligence Officer in the United States Army, I’m fighting to protect and defend our country. As a State Representative, I‘ve introduced bills to get rid of tax loopholes, fund education, create a public pre-k system, retire coal and natural gas plants, and increase the supply of affordable housing in our community. 

As an education advocate, I’ve fought against the draconian cuts harming our public schools, colleges, and universities. Between opposing Jan Brewer’s tuition hikes and fighting against Doug Ducey’s education funding cuts, I have always and will always stand up for education.

 I’m running for the state senate to keep pushing for progressive values and fight in the legislature against the Republican extremist bills threatening our right to vote. I have the experience, energy, and enthusiasm to get the job done. With your support, I’ll continue fighting for southern Arizona values at the state senate. 


Why I'm Running

I want to live in an Arizona that upholds the values my parents instilled in me.


My mother, Ginger, is a proud elementary school teacher. She has shown me the challenges and rewards of leading a life of service.  She also taught me that education is the great equalizer. With a good education, anyone can have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves. 
My dad, Allan, was an immigrant who came to this country with no money and no college degree. What he did have was a tremendous work ethic and a desire to create a good life for his children. He helped me realize the importance of a system with economic opportunity and the potential for social mobility. He fought to provide his children more opportunity than he had.  
I am fighting for the values my parents instilled in me: the importance of education and economic opportunity. That’s the American Dream, and I saw them create their own Arizona Dream. 


But they also showed me that the American Dream isn’t cut and dry. When the Great Recession hit, I watched my parents lose their house and file for bankruptcy. The deck is stacked against working families. And we see that day-in and day-out in Arizona. We aren’t investing in education, housing, healthcare, and our environment. Without those investments, we can’t make our American Dreams a reality.


That is why I am running for the Arizona Senate: I want to live in an Arizona that upholds the values my parents taught me, where our children strive for a better life than we have.


Proven Fighter

I decided to run for the legislature on January 6, 2021. I was serving on active-duty orders at Fort Huachuca, watching in horror as our nation’s capital came under attack. It was enough to convince me we need a fighter in the legislature to push back against the dangerous Republican party.


I am a lifelong Democrat, and I’ve spent my adult life advocating for progressive values and fighting directly against powerful, reckless Republicans, including Jan Brewer and Doug Ducey. I’ve fought against the Republican Party to ensure students can afford college and to protect our land trust. And now, I fight against the Republican Party every day in the Arizona House of Representatives.


I’m running for the Arizona State Senate to protect our right to vote, for a woman’s right to choose, and to protect our democracy in the future.

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